SME Alternative capital- Value proposition

North Western European companies and projects provide opportunities in which combined equity and debt instruments enhance further diversification and increase liquidity of your equity and debt portfolios.

The financing landscape has altered and shaped an investment universe wherein providers of equity and debt can still play a significant role in areas in which there is no scope for conventional debt and equity. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with an enterprise value between EUR 10 million and EUR 250 million offer tremendous opportunities to employ hybrid capital. When structured in such a way that the company or project benefits from the equity like characteristics of the hybrid instrument and the providers of the instrument are provided with relative certainty regarding interest and redemption payments in addition to upside potential, alternative ways to employ capital have been created.

We as Capax Capital Partners:

  • Offer alternative investment opportunities for entrepreneurial equity and debt.
  • Structure hybrid instruments to be employed at companies and projects.
  • Manage and monitor the investment on behalf of the hybrid capital provider.