SME Equity – Value proposition

Equity investments in companies with interesting growth potential located in North Western Europe will add prosperous returns to your investment portfolio as well as diversification benefits.

The small medium sized enterprises (SME) in North Western Europe present the backbone of the European economy. Companies with typical enterprise values between EUR 20 million and EUR 250 million are investment opportunities to enhance your equity portfolio with. Companies in sectors or subsets of sectors are often more interlinked than we are aware of. Therefore, by approaching your portfolio of equity investments as different sets of strategic groups you might encounter chances to improve the cash flow generating power of your total portfolio. Just by taking on strategic investments.

We as Capax Capital Partners:

  • Provide you with a window on the market of SMEs as investment opportunity in North Western Europe.
  • Enhance your equity portfolio by focusing and in other cases expanding your investment scope, while being alert on potential risks.
  • Protect your investment stakes by continuously monitoring and providing you with feedback on the investments.