SME Debt – Value proposition

Financing your project, company or holding of companies with appropriate debt instruments to deliver optimal liquidity.

Companies are interconnected and the supply chains in which they operate are internationally integrated. International operating small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a balance sheet total between EUR 20 million and EUR 500 million hold a diverse assets base, which requires an asset financier for each asset. The financing of these assets ideally should be structured in such a way that the cash flow producing character of each individual asset is aligned with the terms and conditions of the financing instrument. We believe that the asset financier should carry extensive knowledge of the assets and industries they engage with.

We as Capax Capital Partners:

  • Design and shape your short and long term financing strategy for individual assets and portfolios.
  • Restructure your current debt facilities and align them with generated cash flow.
  • Secure your short and long term financing needs from debt providers.