Capax Capital Partners

Capax Capital Partners is a leading provider, coordinator and advisor of private and project based equity and debt, primarily related to settings that require structured or innovative financing. These settings comprise growth financing, acquisition funding, bridge funding, project finance, management buy outs, carve outs and take-overs. Capax Capital Partners operates in an international context primarily focused on shaping and the execution of portfolio strategies. In doing so, Capax Capital Partners is a partner of global sophisticated financial and strategic investors.

Our services include:

  • Determining your portfolio strategy to achieve international strategic growth. Our regional focus areas are Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.
  • Structuring investments to maximize value for the principals and investors.
  • Enabling strategic growth by mergers and acquisitions.
  • Overseeing and participating in all stages and aspects of the transaction process: from the initial negotiations and due diligence phase to the final term sheets and closing documentation on behalf of the buyer or seller.
  • Preparing transactional and marketing materials, including: letters of interest, term sheets, pitch books, investor and bank presentations and cash flow models.
  • Comprehensive valuation of future cash flows of projects and companies.
  • Analysis, modeling and assistance with current and future cash needs and anticipated revenue.
  • Capitalizing on Capax Capital Partners’ vast network of industry specialists, investors and financiers.
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